Grab site screenshots in seconds

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Grab site screenshots in seconds

If your site has a page with links list. You can try to add a thumbnail of page where the link points. Thus visitor can fastly understand where it need go and what site he will see under the links without opening a page. Loading a thumbnail is faster and doesn't eat the visitor CPU, which is used to render a web-page.

Let's see how we can make the thumbnail for the a single webpage. Follow these simple steps:
1. Open WebPage in your favourite WebBrowser.
2. Push `Print Screen` key on your keyboard.
3. Open `Paint` (Start -> All Programs -> Standart -> Paint).
4. Paste the copied screen to it (Edit -> Paste).
5. Select the body of the page using the Selection tool, located on the top right of tools.
6. Copy the selected body (Edit -> Copy).
7. Create new image (File -> New ).
8. Paste the copied body in it (Edit -> Paste).
9. Now resize the image to some small dimentions (Image -> Expand).
10. Save the image into JPEG file (File -> Save , then select JPEG file type).
11. Now you can insert the thumbnail into your webpage using the html code:
<a href="link1.html"><img src='link1.jpg'></a>

This is simple algorithm to create the thumbnail for your links page. In addition to this you can also make a site screenshot. When user clicks on small image the site screenshot appears and user will see the site without opening it.

However it is not so fast and if you have about 50 links, this will take a lot of time. You can do it faster way by using special softwares. One of the fastest and simple of them is theseotoolkit. This software can save in same time thumbnail and screenshots of the list of webpages. There is an option to set width of the thumbnail. This software can save a full site shot even if the site cannot be rendered on on screen. Software have an easy save dialog to save all siteshots and thumbnails with the webpage address in the filename.

Site catalog manager

A site catalog administrator always wants to increase populariy of his catalogue. One of the method to increase popularity is to have a thumbnail of each webpage he have in catalog. Modern catalogs have more than 10000 links in them. So creating a thumbnail for each page manually is a hell job. Even using special services wich provides you thumbnail for a given link coulnot be used for that big job. Cause you have a lot of links and the services will require big money for that job and they will rpovide you with fixed thumbnail width.
However, newest softwares have technologies to prvide you thumbnails for a LIST of links in a small time. For example, theSeoToolkit have such functionality. In it you can set thumbnail width you want from 10px up o 1000px. This software also allow you to obtain a FULL siteshot. Siteshot is a image that reproduce the webpage content in it, even if the content could not be rendered in one window. When all site where processed you can save the results where each name of the result image will have part of a link.

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